Screen Rooms

Florida’s Professional Screening comes out to meet with you to give you options on your new screen room.

Do you need a concrete slab and would you like it textured and painted.

Maybe you want to have pavers or tile.

How long and wide do you want your screen room to be.

What color do you want the aluminum to be (white or bronze).

Would like to have fan beams installed and how many.

What kind of screen do you want.

How many doors and where do you want the doors.

Do you want aluminum kickplate around the bottom perimeter.

Would you like to add a dog door.


We send one of our professional’s to provide you the answers and give you a free in-home consultation.

We take care of all HOA Submittals, Engineered Drawings, and Building Permits needed.

That means there is no work for you (the home owner).

Just let us know your ideas and what you want and we turn dreams into reality.


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