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Lanai Screening

keep your lanai cool in the sun

Outfitting your lanai with an enclosure is the perfect way to keep it cool and comfortable during the hot summer months! An enclosure will shield your lanai from the glare of the sun so you can lounge in comfort and avoid that intense midday heat. And, if you’re looking to entertain outdoor, a screened-in lanai brings all sorts of additional benefits like providing natural air conditioning while protecting against bugs and other critters. Whether you opt for open sides or glass walls, there are plenty of options to match your style. Plus, imagine retreating out onto your lanai any time of day without worrying about extreme temperatures – sounds luxurious doesn’t it? With an enclosure, you can experience all the joys of a traditional outdoor space with even more convenience.

get the perfect hawaiian feel with your lanai screening

If you’re looking to give your lanai a Hawaiian feel without having to take a vacation, screening is the perfect way to do it. Your lanai is an outdoor extension of your home, and with perfect screening you can make sure that not only does it look great, but it also functions perfectly for shade and protection from pesky bugs. Envision yourself sitting on a screened in lanai surrounded by lush foliage and tropical flowers as you sip a cool drink and enjoy some good company – this could be your reality with the right screened in lanai! With the added beauty and function that comes with all the benefits of perfect lanai screening, you too can get the Hawaiian feel even if you live nowhere near the islands.